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Rencontres de blois on particle physics and cosmology


    Transmis par Marcello Fulchignoni et Olga Alexandrova 3. The first results will be presented together with discussions of the foregrounds physics and methods for the separation of the cosmological background and these astrophysical foregrounds.

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    Abstracts for contributed papers and posters can be submitted until December 3rd Transmis par Francois Pajot 4. This meeting is open to everyone and contributions are of course welcome. Transmis par Stéphane Basa 5. The step from the rencontres de blois on particle physics and cosmology to the theoretical understanding is however a great challenge.

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    It involves modeling of many different physical processes, including star formation, chemical evolution and dynamics. The resolution of this puzzle requires exchange between astrophysics experts in each of these physical aspects. The link between these different topics will give a fresh view on the formation and evolution of our Galaxy and allow to use the Milky Way as better calibrator of extragalactic systems.

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    This meeting will be a starting point to assemble the international community already preparing and required the exploitation of the Gaia data. Registrations open late November.

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    Pre-register now on the confererence website. Céline Reylé, on behalf of the SOC 6.

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    The rencontres irlandaises will consist of plenary sessions for invited indepth oral presentations review talks and talks on specific specialised topicsand contributed papers, in the form of relatively short oral papers or posters. We will aim to achieve a balance between review talks, provocative talks given by recognized specialists, and shorter contributions, special emphasis being placed on active participation by younger researchers and post-docs.

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    Parallel sessions, generally for short communications are foreseen, and are being organized as the need arises.