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We meet twice a year to go through a play together, returning to our countries to translate the play into eight languages simultaneously. Though we translate for the page, we keep the theatrical dimension in mind, using oral and gestural language so that our translations can be staged and exist independently of any specific production.

A panel of theatre and translation experts in each country reads through our texts, and comments on them. Are the words right, is the language street language or is it too formal? The panel that reads and comments on my texts is made up of a former director of the National School of Drama in New Delhi and two Bollywood actors. They site rencontre mouscron theatre practitioners who bring their expertise and suggest changes in my text if necessary.

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At translation conferences, the discussion of whether one is translating for the page or for the stage often becomes a black flirter meaning in hindi white one, where one is either doing the one or the other Laera, We collaborate in understanding the text and finding ways in which to translate Ibsen into other languages and cultures. Ibsen did not approve of translators collaborating.

The dividing lines between translation and adaptation have been very porous.

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There is a diverse range of practices involving translation in contemporary theatre in India. Very often a director or a playwright who does not know Norwegian writes a text based on a literal translation done by someone else into English.

Sometimes flirter meaning in hindi text is put together during rehearsals collating elements from several existing translations. Translators today are often commissioned by a particular director who is producing a play for an Ibsen festival, or for a repertory company. What happens to a text when it is translated from multiple layers of translations?

It gets sanitized and becomes more fluid. But orality is not fluidity. There are pauses.

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  • Translating Ibsen into Hindi: Finding a Voice for Each Character

There is swearing. There is terseness and bluntness in the way characters speak and interrupt each other.

"flirt" in French

There is discontinuity. But in older translations into Hindi, some of that bluntness has disappeared. Many translators have facilitated diction by smoothing out the way characters speak, removing the pauses and some of the blasphemy, insults and swearing from the text.

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It can be a form of resistance against ethnocentrism and racism, cultural narcissism and imperialism, in the interests of democratic geopolitical relations.

Do I choose to be faithful to Ibsen or will I try to speak to my target audience by making the text more familiar to them? Indian adaptations flirter meaning in hindi Ibsen often modify religious references. Since my translation is based on the Norwegian original, I do not make any such changes.

However, some things are hard to explain without footnotes. In Norway, this is a time when everyone goes home to their families and most streets in the city are quiet and deserted. In India however, Christmas is a boisterous day with people dropping by to visit friends and relatives with gifts and baskets of cakes and sweets.

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In Goa and Bombay, people go out dancing after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Rather than domesticating the text, that remark is a strange element I retain in my translation. Stockmann do Stockmann, which shows his growing confusion as the play develops, disappears when all the blasphemy and insults are removed and the play is sanitized. In Indian productions Stockmann always emerges as the hero fighting for his cause against all odds.

The Hindi sentence can only be understood when we reach the end, as the verb comes at the end of the sentence.

Flirt Meaning

But in Ibsen, a sentence often begins with the verb, and the statement gets interrupted, leaving the audience or the reader guessing the rest of what the character was going to say.

This means that in Hindi you have to add words or images Ibsen only hinted at, for the utterance to have meaning. Would you like a match?

The experiencer subject is also called the dative subject by some grammarians. In English, flirter meaning in hindi c The subject is always the experiencer subject in its dative form. We have to be aware of the subtext, translate the comic, think of stage directions and figure out how to convey non-verbal language. Although my translations have not been commissioned by a director or a theatre, I have worked with flirter meaning in hindi who have done readings of my translations.

I listen to their suggestions, using some of them and discarding others in the final versions of my translations. We need to maintain the oral, sonorous impact of the text. Working with actors preparing for a performance or a reading, I realize how words sound.

flirter meaning in hindi

Flirter meaning in hindi the text breathable? Her question made me aware of how important it is to be precise in translating stage directions. Saying the lines is not enough; the body must take part in the act of speaking. In that reading, actors Moonmoon Singh, Rajesh Tailang and Sukumar Tudul created all the movement they needed on the stage by gestures and by modulating their voices while sitting.

The four of us were sitting on the stage. Tom Alter was reading the role of Pastor Manders, a flirter meaning in hindi pretentious character who denies he has ever had feelings for Mrs Alving.


Manders and Mrs Alving are very formal with each other, using the honorific De when they address each other. The way he said it established without any doubt that Manders had once been in love with her. Watching brilliant actors like Tom Alter or Rajesh Tailang transfuse life flirter meaning in hindi the words I have translated opened flirter meaning in hindi eyes to issues I had not thought about. Finding the voice of each character 12Ibsen created characters that have very specific voices and a distinctive manner of expressing themselves.

As translators, we have to try to bring out the inflexions of each individual voice, its diction, its breath and keep the word order that a particular character uses.

flirter meaning in hindi

In Ghosts, entitled Pretchhaya in my translation, Regine uses a lot of French words when she speaks impatiently to her stepfather Engstrand or when she wants to appear refined in front of the Flirter meaning in hindi. There is a comic aspect to these utterances as she uses the French words inappropriately.

Этот поиск уже начался. Мы обсудили также, какие меры должны быть предприняты -- если они вообще необходимы -- в отношении. Принимая во внимание твою юность и своеобразные обстоятельства твоего появления на свет, существует всеобщее ощущение, что порицать тебя за то, что ты сделал.

I wondered if I should translate the French into another Indian language or just keep the diams cherche mec mortel as they were in the original text. I eventually decided to keep the French, as it would bring in an element of foreignness that an Indian audience could understand. Ibsen deliberately used the pronouns du or De to create intimacy or distance. This can change the degree of intimacy between characters in the play.

Now Helmer has taken over as the bank director, and he does not flirter meaning in hindi the fact that Krogstad flaunts their old acquaintance by using du and not De. The degree of formality with which they speak to each other is reflected in this.

Yet they use De when they talk to each other, even when she is showing him her silk stockings and her flirter meaning in hindi. In all the previous Hindi translations, the translator had flirter meaning in hindi rely on the English translation and translated you with the Hindi pronoun tum. Ellida Wangel or Fru Mrs.

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Although I use the English words Mr. It is there in his or her pronunciation, syntax, in flirter meaning in hindi formal he or she is while speaking, and in the choice of vocabulary and syntax.

"flirter" English translation

Gunilla Anderman maintains that to find semantic and idiomatic ways of matching a turn of phrase in our target languages, we have to be conscious of where the characters live, of their social standing and their eccentricities Anderman, 7.

And I use colloquial words like abe khote for din dumrian you idiot. I collect words for insults, swearing and blasphemy that I can use in my Ibsen translations, and make lists on my phone and notebooks and whatever I have at hand, where I put down expressions if I hear something on television or when people speak around me.

In his letter to Victor Barrucand written on March 6,Ibsen described how he wanted translators to find the individual style of expression that each character had. When for instance Gina speaks, one must immediately hear that she has never learned grammar and that she comes from the lower classes of society. In this manner all the other persons concerned have different ways of being.

"flirter" in English

The task of the translator is not easy at all. That word was easy enough for me to translate into Hindi, because pistol is pistaul in Hindi, so it was easy to just write pigstaul. There is another word that is often mispronounced in Hindi, the word flirter meaning in hindi meaning a gun, which, some people pronounce dambook. So I used that too. But Gina misuses words she has picked up from her husband when she is irritated, and Hjalmar gets embarrassed at her.

As I wish to translate the comic situation as well, these little flirter meaning in hindi are very important. Ibsen creates word clusters for each character and uses them almost obsessively. If one is not consistent when translating recurring words, one can lose the obsessive quality of a character.

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Tesman has been on a six-month honeymoon combined with a study trip of the archives of Southern Europe, and his use of hvad brings out the obsessive, pedantic quality of the scholar who married Hedda Gabler, the beauty of the town. In Hindi you can use its equivalent kya at the end of a sentence, but it might convey another tone or meaning than the one intended by Ibsen.